Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Garden Path

What to do when it snows in New England?  I say explore nature.  Gardens and paths are amazingly beautiful during the winter which is why (year after year) I look forward to the adventure.  Aside from the bitter cold wind and the occasional slip and fall ( and YES I slip and fall regularly)  I must say this is a great winter pastime.  


  1. I know EXACTLY where you were when you took this great shots of Salem Willows Park! That first shot is just stunning!

    Personally I rather like winter photos just a bit better than other times of the year simply because in the winter you get to see all of the branches of the trees which I think gives the tree more of a personality than when it's covered in leaves.

    1. I agree ~ I love the winter gardens ~ it's so peaceful and crisp and I love how it feels like nature is taking a long winters nap :) It is also wonderful how all of your senses are at hightened while walking through a snowy landscape.