Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Vanderbilt Mansion ~ A Winters day

Another beautiful winters day in February.  Now, I know everyone is watching the Super Bowl, but I decided to go on another adventure hike at the Vanderbilt Mansion, simply because I can not possibly stay indoors on a day like today.  I will admit it was a wee bit frigid, but after walking for about an hour, I eventually warmed up.  Thanks to my friend Melinda (who was willing to be adventurous too) we had a great day in the beautiful outdoors.

 The Formal Garden Beds are all tucked in for their winters nap.  I can't wait to begin working on these gardens in the Spring.

 More Garden Bed designs. I just can't wait till Spring.
 Barefoot Kate is happy that the sun is shinning, even though it is very cold.
 Barefoot Kate doesn't mind the cold temperatures either. My goodness she is dressed as though it was summer.

 Reflections of the bridge
 The Lone Pine Cone

 Reflections:  A large tree branch hanging over the stream and the forest of trees on the opposite side of the stream, creates this amazing reflection on the water.