Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spent the past week visiting Massachusetts and thought I would share my little journey
Coggshall  Park:

Situated in the small North Central Massachusetts city of Fitchburg, Coggshall Park was a gift to the City from Mr. Henry Coggshall, an executive of The Fitchburg Gas Company, and his wife in 1894.  The initial donation included 86 acres, but the couple subsequently purchased and donated additional parcels to create the 212-acre park that exists today.  Coggshall Park also abuts a large parcel of conservation land and a bird sanctuary, providing a total of approximately 300 acres for visitors to enjoy.
Miles of wooded trails crisscross the park, branching out from around Mirror Lake.  Stone steps built into a hillside face a gazebo on the water, making this a popular spot for weddings.  A classic Stone House on the property was damaged by fire in early 2009, but restoration efforts are now complete.  The tables and benches scattered around the park draw picnickers as well as those simply seeking a place to relax.  For additional entertainment, there's a playground for children and a frisbee golf course currently in the development stages.

The Nashua River at Mill #1 ~ Can Am Machinery Site, Fitchburg Ma

Salem MA ~ Yes, this is my home away from home ~ I just love strolling around and taking pictures of the beautiful city ~ The Hawthorne Hotel has these beautiful window boxes with purple pansies and miniature boxwoods ~ and I couldn't resist taking a picture of this gorgeous Hibiscus ;D

 Then off to the Waterfront with these amazing views of the boats at the marina and the crisp cool water and of course the lighthouse is a favorite of mine.  I love walking down this path and taking in the scenery.

 Above is a lovely picture of a beautiful window box at the Morning Glory B&B ~ I am running out right now so I can recreate this same design. I love it
 And my trip is never complete until I go to the House of the Seven Gables, and take pictures of the gardens and the homes on the property. Which Include Nathaniel Hawthorne's Birthplace ~ this property is simply stunning, with it's gorgeous colonial revival gardens, historic properties and majestic views of Salem Harbor.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gardens of Chez Chiacchiaro

The past week has brought nothing but rain .. rain and more RAIN!!!! SO what does one do with all this water?  I say roll up your knickers and play in the mud !!! or the Flowers, which ever you prefer.  Personally i like both, so that is what I decided to do, and it was bloomin fun .. get it?  ... BLOOMIN !!!  

I must say that my gardens are very happy and colorful after all the showers we have had, so no complaints here.  All is good in the land of foliage :)


THE VANDERBILT GARDENS are coming along nicely.  I can not express in words the joy I feel when working and caring for these amazing historic gardens.  Life is good :) ...

And I want to remind all my friends and family, please come by the gardens this Memorial Day weekend for the FWVGA plant sale.  This is our BIG annual event and we would love to have everyone there to enjoy the gardens and purchase some of our beautiful plants.

 We began planting the first group of pansies in the lower perennial garden beds. The sculpted beds are LOVERLY !!!!

 The Beautiful "Aquilegia Alpina" look like elegant dancers
 Papaver Orientale ~ "Oriental Poppy" Gorgeous!

Paeonia ~ "Sarah Bernhardt"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Manitoga ~ The Russel Wright Design Center

      I am excited to start my Internship here at Manitoga, the home and woodland garden of pioneer Industrial Designer, Russel Wright.

      Manitoga is a National Historic Landmark and is a National Trust for Historic Preservation Historic Artists Homes and Studio's site, as well as the only 20th century modern home open to the public in New York State.

       My first project this season will begin with the woodland path, and clearing twigs and leaves from the surrounding pond borders and waterfall area.

   These small excerpt from Russel Wright's 12 pg booklet "A Garden of Woodland Paths" describes perfectly the landscape and views that he created from 1942 through the 1970's.

I have also included my photo's, some of which I too took today, which (amazingly) show the landscape remains ( in many ways) as it once was.

" Hypatica is planted on both sides of the stone steps leading to the lady slipper room.  The lady slipper and the other wild orchid, rattlesnake plantain, have seeded themselves in many areas outside this room.  In fact, they form the overall pattern of the whole walk."

"This is the highest point of the path and here you can carefully step out on the crown of a sheer granite cliff which drops straight down to the water of the pool thirty feet below.  You look out across the pool, the trees beyond the dam, and see a bit of the Hudson River and the mountains on the other side of it."


   "A curving flight of stone steps lead down to a mossy plateau where I cleared all the trees except a small grove of twisting grey birch. A friend has dubbed them the Martha Graham girls, because they look like dancers. In the spring the moss is dotted with tiny bluette flowers.  Here one always pauses to look across the pool to the waterfall and its fifteen cascades. Next you pass by large hemlocks in front of which I have planted chickory whose grey leaves and blue flowers contrast with the somber trees."

Did I mention how excited I am with my adventure towards preservation?  Stay tuned for more exciting updates on my horticulture projects.

Hug a Tree :P

Monday, May 7, 2012

Piermont Marsh 

Took a lovely walk today through The Piermont Marsh
The site occupies two miles of shoreline south of the mile-long Erie Pier, and includes the mouth of Sparkill Creek and extensive tidal shallows. The Sparkill Creek drains 11.1 square miles of watershed. Sparkill Gap, the valley of Sparkill Creek, just west of the north end of the Piermont Marsh, is the only sea level break in the Palisades Ridge.  The one mile long pier was built in 1841 as the eastern terminus of the Erie Railroad.